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    We believe in having a better life. Everybody deserve to have a better life. Migrate to a country where you can live and earn well.

    Global Migration

    Golden Visa

    The EU golden visas are permanent visas and citizenship rights that are granted to individuals, who through investing contribute to that country’s economy. The required investment can be through purchase of property, bonds, projects, donations or of a combination, depending on the country’s golden visa program.

    Why do I need a 2nd residency?


    As the world is being more connected and integrated, investing in a 2nd residency / 2nd passport should be on everyone minds. Having this option provides peace of mind in this ever changing world and opens up many benefits that come along with the residency.


    Malaysia 2nd Home Scheme

    China Greencard for overseas Chinese

    We will help you obtain your 2nd residency

    We recognize the importance and increasing needs of individuals who want worldwide residency for many reasons. We are a boutique firm that will listen, understand your plans and recommend solutions for you to achieve your objective.


    Planning your migration

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    Free pre-immigration financial planning and advisory. Online or off-line. Contact us to arrange.

    Foreigners are welcomed.

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    Many PRCs are migrating to Malaysia.

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    Many Hong Kong citizens are migrating due to unrest.

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    Free on-line immigration seminars conducted by Jeremy, a 25 years experienced veteran in immigration.

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    US bar second citizenship

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    The rich are leaving China

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    Referral Consultants

    Referring customers for our various financial related solutions.

    Strictly on commission basis. If you are practicing accountants, lawyers or business with large pool of high net worth contacts, we are very interested in you.


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    Financial Planner

    • We are looking for good financial planners.
    • Must have at least a  diploma from polytechnic.  If don’t have, other diploma from private school must have more than 900 hours of training,  more than 50% examination and diploma can be used to apply to  universities for further study.
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